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"Accumulation, development, surpassing and leading" is the core value of the company that Yatuo always adheres to.

Mr. Mei Hongxing, who has nearly 20 years of scientific research experience in the field of air energy, established Jiangsu Yatuo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in 2009. With the accumulation of nearly 20 years of experience in air energy industry technology research and development, Yatuo has accumulated a lot. Once its products were put into the market, they were unanimously recognized by the market and consumers, and became qualified suppliers of famous chain hotels, such as pudding, Hanting, Greenhouse, etc It also reached cooperation with the Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Yatuo always adheres to the development strategy of "energy conservation, greening and sustainability". We take "continuously leading the energy-saving development of the air energy heat pump market" as our development mission. Therefore, under the leadership of General Manager Mei Hongxing, we have the courage to innovate and constantly bring forth new ideas. In 2019, we successfully created the technology of "intelligent temperature detection and ultra frequency conversion", which will raise the energy conservation efficiency to a new height at one stroke. Under the same working conditions, New technology has brought more than 30% energy saving performance to our products.

It is Yatuo's unremitting pursuit to become an international first-class air energy energy-saving product R&D enterprise recognized by the market. Yatuo is willing to participate in the grand event with high-quality dealers all over the country to bring more advanced technology and high-end products to more consumers.