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YAtuo heat pump—Air energy R&D expert

"Accumulation, development, surpassing and leading" is the core value of the company that Yatuo always adheres to.

Mr. Mei Hongxing, who has nearly 20 years of scientific research experience in the field of air energy, established Jiangsu Yatuo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in 2009. With the accumulation of nearly 20 years of experience in air energy industry technology research and development, Yatuo has accumulated a lot. Once its products were put into the market, they were unanimously recognized by the market and consumers, and became qualified suppliers of famous chain hotels, such as pudding, Hanting, Greenhouse, etc It also reached cooperation with the Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


    Provide hot water with energy-saving features

  • Air conditioner

    Wider range, good heating and cooling effect

  • Constant temperature of breeding

    Wider range, good thermostatic effect

  • Constant temperature of swimming pool

    dehumidification, refrigeration, reheating, pool water constant

  • 工农业烘干

    dehumidification of professional space and drying of materials

  • 家用地暖空调

    Provide comfortable living environment for different families

    • Commercial hot water

      Hot water enjoyment in five-star hotels

      Yatuo central hot water system has the characteristics of energy conservation, safety, comfort, etc. It can realize three-dimensional multi-point hot water supply, meet various domestic hot water application scenarios, and give you a comfortable hot water experience in five-star hotels...

    • Household floor heating air conditioner

      Warm as spring, not afraid of winter

      The Yatuo central floor heating system uses floor radiation heating in the ultra-low temperature environment in winter, so that the indoor heat distribution is even, and the heating mode of foot warming and head cooling is more comfortable....


    Appreciation of classic case

    • ommercial hot water
    • School Factory
    • Swimming Gymnasium
    • Heating and refrigeration
    • Domestic hot water
    • Hospital cases

      Commercial hot water

      The corresponding water consumption shall be selected according to the star level standard of the hotel. The floor heating or air conditioning refrigeration shall be used to provide a comfortable accommodation environment; According to the requirements of building structure and water supply characteristics, hot water usage habits, etc., the temperature difference between the north and south in winter, the company recommends the use of ultra-low temperature hot water units, normal temperature circulating units, and dual supply series due to different regional ambient temperatures.

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      Swimming Gymnasium

      For the air source heat pump equipment of the swimming pool thermostatic system, the company recommends the use of the swimming pool normal temperature circulating unit to ensure 24-hour constant temperature.

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      Heating and refrigeration engineering

      In view of the demand for heating in winter and cooling in summer in the clubhouse, the company recommends the use of dual generation units to simultaneously solve the problem of air conditioning and floor heating and provide a comfortable leisure environment.

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      Domestic hot water

      According to the user's housing structure, heating demand, hot water usage, etc. Ensure the rationality, scientificity, flexibility and applicability of the design of "5C system", so that the system can be more energy-saving, economical, hygienic and environmentally friendly in use. The company recommends the use of dual unit, domestic water heater, water purifier and fresh air system.

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      Hospital cases

      According to the different cooling and heating loads of each department in the hospital, the company recommends the use of dual units.

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